Busy Bees Project: Original Artwork For a Cause. Save the Bees.

The Busy Bee Project

Before even completing my first Busy Bees painting I knew I wanted it to become a series…a very large series.

I love bees. Not only are they super adorable but they are also essential. Pollinating all the wonderful fruits and vegetables we are so fortunate to enjoy and providing us with delicious honey and awesome beeswax!

So my goal for the Busy Bees Series is to invest ALL profits from any Busy Bees painting into buying flowers, flowering vegetables and flowering trees to plant wherever and with whomever I can.

In addition to all profits going back into keeping real bees busy, each Busy Bees painting will come with a FREE all natural & handmade 2oz beeswax candle tin.

I hope this project continues to grow each year and truly helps to keep the bees busy and thriving.


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